About The Lures

Soft Lures

Fishing is a lot of fun, however, choosing the right lure to throw for the day can often be overwhelming. Case in point: I counted the number of lures in the 2006 Mister Twister Tackle Catalog. There were about 362 in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. And, that was just in the Exude lures! I can’t imagine trying to count every lure in the catalog… then add all the other plastics and WOW... brain overload. Few, if any, of us has the disposable income to buy just one of every lure, let alone a pack of them. So, here’s a few tips on colors and styles to best fit your soft plastic fishing needs.

by Dietz Dittrich, Mister Twister Field Staff

Hard Lures

We are finally starting to see a reasonable selection of hard-bodied lures and blades discreetly appearing on tackle shop shelves. Small numbers of a limited selection proved brilliantly successful on our fish, so switched-on importers are looking at colours, styles and rigging options for next season. Soon we will be able to choose between soft-baiting, jigging, slow-jigging, bibbed and bib-less hard bodies, stick-baits, vibrating blades and more, to target fish like snapper.


Usefull Tips

Top 10 Fishing Tips for Beginners.

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